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Smart Pot® PRO

A New Solution For Above Ground Growing

The Smart Pot® PRO is a better alternative to traditional plastic containers for your above ground growing. The soft-sided fabric aeration container air root prunes your plants for healthier roots and faster growing plants. With the Smart Pot® PRO, you can expect:

  • More roots for faster growing plants
  • Lateral root growth for full container area utilization
  • No more harmful root circling that stunts your plant growth
  • Fabric releases heat while plastic pots do not
  • Intimate ground contact gives better temperature control
  • Reduced chance of wind tipping over your plant
Growing trees above ground with tree bags
Want smoother transplants and stronger roots?
Our system is totally radicle.

How It Works

Tree bags aerate tree roots
Trees air root pruning
Air Prunes Roots
Tree bags help to grow a denser root ball
Grows Denser
Root Ball
Trees air root pruning
Air Root Pruning Produces Healthier Plants

Air root pruning creates a more fibrous root structure with more root tips. This leads to more efficient absorption of nutrients and moisture for faster plant growth and no harmful circling.

Root circling occurs when the root hits the side of a plastic container and continues growing itself into a nasty knot that jeopardizes the plant.

But when the roots reach the side of a fabric bag the root tips stop and lateral root growth begins. This creates a full fibrous root structure and a healthy plant.

Tree grown in fabric bag
Aeration For Extended Growth Cycle & More
Efficient Utilization

The Smart Pot® PRO is made of fabric that releases heat and aerates the root zone. Aeration allows evaporative cooling to occur in the container, extending the growth cycle.

Traditional plastic containers trap heat making the sun-facing side of the
container too hot for roots to grow. With the fabric pot, heat is released, the full container area is utilized, and better growth is the result.

Trees stay upright with Root Control Bags
Stays Upright Better Than Traditional Containers

The Smart Pot® PRO is straight sided, with no taper. Making it much more difficult to blow over than a plastic pot. It is a one-piece unit where the fabric bottom and sides work together to hold the plant in place.

The fabric bottom contours to the undulations of the ground so there is no “wobbling” on uneven ground.

A very limited number of small roots can penetrate into the ground to help anchor the plant. These small roots also absorb additional moisture and nutrients for the plant.

Using The RCB Pro™

“Even when compared to a pot grown tree of the same age, the above ground RCB-Pro grown tree had the best root system by far... Our production time has decreased by 33%, meaning we can sell our trees a full 2 years earlier." Read More

Mark Palmer
Webb Landscape (CEO), Ketchum, ID

"We’ve been using the Root Control Bags for in-ground and the RCB-Pros for above ground, along with some pot pruners, for about 20 years. With these bags, in terms of the business, we’d be lost without it." Read More

Roger Canfield
Puget Sound Plants (Owner), Olympia, WA