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High Caliper Product Systems

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Better Roots And Better Growth For Your Tree And Shrub
Smart Pot® PRO Above Ground System
The Smart Pot® PROTM
Above Ground System

An above ground fabric aeration container that releases heat and automatically root prunes a plant's root structure. You get better growth with no root circling. Comes in all sizes.

Root Control BagTM
In Ground

Made for field growing, the Root Control Bag™ makes digging easy and greatly expands your harvesting season. No tree spade needed.

Pot Pruner fabric liner for growing trees in containers
The Pot Pruner

The Pot Pruner™ is a fabric liner that turns any standard plastic container into a root-pruning container. It insulates against heat and stops root circling. And it is reusable.

High Caliper tree collar
Tree Collars

Protect your trees from wind damage with Tree CoIlars™. No more costly setbacks to your nursery due to wind blow over. Mounts on a cable line, it is designed with extra padding to protect the plant. Easy to use and maintain.

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