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High Caliper Tree Collars

Protection That Looks Great

The patented Tree Collar is the premium device for securing trees and preventing wind blow over. Keeps your trees upright and uptight! The Tree Collar fastens to a cable line to hold a row of plants in a production or retail setting.

  • Protect your plants against wind-damage
  • Easy to fasten, easy to remove trees from the line
  • Tree collars are reusable year after year
  • Trees are more saleable without broken branches
  • Extra padding helps eliminate scaring and damage to the trunk
High Caliper tree collar
Want smoother transplants and stronger roots?
Our system is totally radicle.

How It Works

Trees held in place by Tree Collars
Holds Trees In A Row
Easy to put on and take off tree collars
Easy On & Off With The Collar
Trees blown over in containers
Prevents Blow Over
Tree farm using Tree Collars
Keeps Rows of Plants Upright

The Tree Collar is used by commercial tree farms that are growing a
number of plants in a row or by retail garden centers that need a permanent holding area where larger container plants can be securely held and displayed.

Tree Collar protects against scarring
Protects Against Tree Scarring

Made with heavy-duty polypropylene webbing, the Tree Collar bolts on to the cable with versatile stainless steel cable clamps. A rubber padding inside the polypropylene webbing further protects against trunk scarring. The Tree Collar fastens to the tree with both a Velcro and a latch, which will not slip or accidentally come off. It is easy to adjust, open and close

Trees stabilized and protected with Tree Collar
Available Sizes

There are 3 sizes to choose from.

TF #1 Fits a 1” to 2” plant DBH (usually a 15 gallon)
TF #2 Fits a 2” to 3” plant DBH (usually a 20 to 30 gallon)
TF #3 Fits a 3” to 4” plant DBH (usually a 30 to 65 gallon)
TF #4 Fits a 4” to 6” plant DBH (usually a 100 gallon or larger)


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Director of Horticulture at Cherry Lake Tree Farm

"The High Caliper tree collar have proven to be a good investment and provide benefits such as ease of access, reusable, prevent trunk wounds and save cost in tree stand up from windy conditions." Read More

Patrick Miller
Director of Horticulture, Cherry Lake Tree Farm, Groveland, Florida
Co-owner of Sun City Tree Farms

"Tree collars are very effective securing a tree in place on a cable when wind is a factor...Its strong webbing and its stainless steel attachments are very durable and make the collar last years, making it a sound investment. Read More

Eric Tort
co-owner of Sun City Tree Farms