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Get to Know Treebag

With these bags... Everything improves: growing, harvesting, digging, hauling, and shipping.
- Roger Canfield, Puget Sound Plants (Owner), Olympia, WA

How The Bag Came To Be

High Caliper Growing Systems was founded as Root Control, Inc. in 1984. But the story actually started six years earlier when Ralph Reiger took an early retirement from a long career at Merrill Lynch & Co., the financial firm, and started The Tree Farm in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Guthrie is not a center of the nursery business, and Ralph immediately began to have problems finding people to dig trees ball and burlap. He priced tree spades, but that was expensive, and you still needed skilled personnel. With help from people at Oklahoma State University, Ralph fashioned the first ROOT CONTROL BAGS and put them out at The Tree Farm in Guthrie in 1980.

The initial harvest was in August of 1982. The first thing Ralph noticed was - the trees lived! August in Oklahoma is hot, and not the right time to harvest 2” caliper river birch, or any other variety of tree. Upon inspection, Ralph realized the fabric Root Control Bag had root pruned the plant’s root structure, giving him a vastly improved plant.

Planting trees in Root Control Bags
Nursery using Root Control Bags

The Root Control Bag immediately drew the attention of a number of progressive nurserymen. Ralph formed Root Control, Inc., and incorporated in Oklahoma in 1984. Since that time, Root Control, Inc. has gained thousands of customers growing millions of plants, in all fifty states and a number of countries worldwide. We are a proud supporter of our industry, with longtime memberships in a great number of industry trade organizations, including; AmericanHort, the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association, the Southern Nursery Association, the Oregon Association of Nurserymen, the Florida Nursery, Growers & Landscape Association, the Western Nursery & Landscape Association, the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers, the Oklahoma Nursery & Landscape Association and other organizations.

What It Is Today

From An Ingenious Bag To The High Caliper Growing System

Whether you are growing above ground, in-ground, or in a container...there’s a soft sided Fabric Container that can prune your roots for a full fibrous root structure. And a healthy root ball means a healthier plant.

It all began with the Root Control Bag™. Designed to make digging easy and greatly expands your harvest season. Lighter than ball & burlap and no more tree spades.

Then there’s the RCB Pro above ground system. lt’s a fabric above ground aeration container that beats any traditional plastic container in producing strong healthy plants.

If you already have containers then the Pot Pruner™ is a fabric liner that turns any standard plastic container into a root-pruning container. lt insulates against heat and stops root circling. And it is reusable.

And finally, to keep your trees from wind damage we have Tree Collars™ to protect your investment from wind blow over. Mounts on a post and a cable line, it is designed with extra padding to protect the plant. Easy to use and maintain.

What That Means For You

A successful nursery requires planning, foresight and an investment in the future. High Caliper Smart Growing System gives you the ability to grow and move plants more easily and successfully.

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