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Customer Case Study

“We’d be lost without it. Everything improves: growing, harvesting, digging, hauling, and shipping.”

Roger Canfield

Roger Canfield, Puget Sound Plants

 Roger Canfield, Puget Sound Plants (Owner), Olympia, WA – 

“We’ve been using the Root Control Bags for in-ground and the RCB-Pros for above ground, along with some pot pruners, for about 20 years. With these bags, in terms of the business, we’d be lost without it. Everything improves: growing, harvesting, digging, hauling, and shipping.

Originally our pine trees didn’t transplant well in the B&B – just not enough roots. When we changed to the Root Control Bag, the drastic improvement in survivability and the ease of handling convinced us to grow all of our other trees in them as well. Two years later we sold our tree spade because we didn’t need it anymore.

It saves lots of time harvesting, allowing us to dig and ship year round. That’s the main thing – the ease of handling a solid compact root system, so we can load it on the truck, haul it, and know it’s not going to break up. The root balls are lighter and hold together really well in the bag. We don’t need to dig in the spring or winter and have them fall apart due to rotten burlap. Now we just pop it out of the ground and load it on the truck with no other labor involved.

The Root Control Bags may be slower and more expensive to plant, but the trade off is they’re faster and cheaper to dig – with a big gain in quality and survival of the trees later on.

We had just transplanted some 3 gal liners into a pot with a 15 gal pot pruner, and in just a few weeks there were roots all over the place, all the way to the edge of the pot. That really sank home to me the benefit of this method of production – creating so many roots in the liner stage that when they’re transplanted, they just take off and grow. That was my “Ah-ha!” moment.

So we invest a little more up front, knowing we’ll have a superior root system without question. More and more customers appreciate that as they’re learning about all the advantages.

Sometimes our planting window comes upon us unexpectedly and we need to place a fast order with faster service. High Caliper always accommodates. And when they’re in the area, they stop by to check on us, look at root systems, and trade ideas with us from other growers.
It’s a pretty open line of communication.

High Caliper has quality products that work. Nothing too fancy about it. They just grow good root systems!”

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