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“They are by far the most efficient way to produce trees.”

Eric Hall BSF, Lassiter Tree Farm (Farm Manager), Arcadia, LA –

Eric Hall 3

Eric Hall BSF, Lassiter Tree Farm

“We’ve been running a 150-acre production operation farm with just 4 people 100% on In-ground ‘fabric containers.’ These Root Control bags are not only the healthiest way to grow trees, but they are by far the most efficient way to produce trees.

Our very first order ever with High Caliper was fairly large – 5000 of the 30” 55 gal. bags. And we kept ordering at least that amount every year up to 27K before we ever sold a single tree. We just went all in. But we stepped so far out on the limb in the beginning because we were absolutely confident that these bags worked based on our research, based on all the scientific and field studies that have been done, and based on High Caliper’s reputation as a trustworthy company.

Now others come to us to find out how a 4-man operation can ship out 3-4 semi-truck loads of 3”-5” caliper trees per week: to include wrapping, digging, pulling, loading, and tarping . It’s exciting to be able to share new efficiency and production methods we find using the In-ground bags – like year round digging capabilities without having to harden off, and substantial less irrigation needs since the trees are grown in-ground. I’m surprised some growers still resist using them. I hear ‘Removing the bag from the root ball is too hard,’ or ‘The root ball dries out too quickly,’ but it’s just not true. Our operation proves otherwise.

We can produce the same size tree with a slightly smaller root ball than a pot-in-pot or B&B system, which also means we can ship more trees per truckload.
After 17 years in the industry, the in-ground Root Control Bags are a key attribute that makes us the most efficient tree farm growing method out there I know of – through the whole process: from planting, to pruning, staking, to irrigation and fertilizing, definitely harvesting, to how many we can get on a truck. Thank you High Caliper for providing such a dazzling gem to our crown!”

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