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“I’ve had tremendous results with the whole High Caliper product line…”

Gordon McLean

Gordon McLean, Bloom’n Nursery

 Gordon McLean, Owner of Bloom’n Nursery & BloomnNursery.ca, Collingwood, Ontario – 

“I’ve had tremendous results with the whole High Caliper product line: the in-ground Root Control Bag for my decidous trees. the above ground RCB-Pro bags with their tree collars.
And I just started using the Pot Pruner for my seedlings, but would have started using them 3 years ago had I known about them then. It’s an amazing device and we’re very happy with the results we got the first time we ever used it. It’s reusable, peels easily off the plant, and does an excellent job stimulating root growth.

In fact all the bags help stimulate root growth and harvest quickly, getting me to market quicker. Being a smaller grower, that’s really important as it affects my labor costs and bottom line.
High Caliper is a great company to deal with, and they make sure you’re satisfied with your order. Their products do what they say and what you should expect them to do. I’m more than happy using the bags. In fact, I love them so much, I started selling them to others in Canada so they could learn about them too.”

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