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Customer Case Study

Abby Farms: Todd Woodfield

Ball and Burlap vs. Root Control Bags.
Todd Woodfield at Abby Farms started using Root Control Bags in 1998 as a way to harvest trees no matter what time of year, no matter what the weather. While the popular method of ball and burlap was a tried and true process, it wasn’t as successful when it came to certain species of trees.

Edging out the competition.
With his first purchase of Root Control Bags, Todd hoped this new way of growing would help increase his sales, and within two years he was able to see tremendous results from using the Root Control Bags. Todd quickly noticed that he could grow select species of trees such as, sweet gum, red oaks, magnolias, pear trees, sassafras, beach and black gum in the Root Control Bags, and sell them in seasons when he previously couldn’t. “We can virtually have our trees on the truck the next day year-round, even when most of our competitors have already sold out of their pre-dug crops.”

Tree crops year round.
Many commercial tree growers know that digging trees in June, July and August can be a difficult task to achieve without killing the tree, or loosing foliage. The ease of harvesting and time saved from using the bags meant Todd could sell more of these species any time of the year, especially in hot, dry summer months – not to mention, the bags cut down on harvest time by 50%! Todd harvests the trees every two or 2.5 years, at which point he simply sells the trees with the bags still potted. “These are the best root control bags on the market; there’s really nothing else like them. Even competitor bags just aren’t to the quality or standard that High Caliper Growing’s Root Control Bags are.”

Tree collars offer exceptional protection.
Another great product from High Caliper Growing that Todd enjoys using is the tree collar because once installed it’s stable, so he knows his trees are safe from high winds. “Tree collars are so easy to use and relocating the tree is quick and efficient; they’re reusable for many years and a really a good investment.”

Customer service leads the way.
“I’ve worked with High Caliper Growing for so many years that I can’t imagine ever working with anyone else. They’ve allowed me to custom design my own bags so I know I’m getting exactly what I need to get the best root ball . And my sales rep, Steve McCurdy, is always so friendly and knowledgeable that I know he’ll always get us taken care of.”

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