Fabric Sleeve for a Plastic Container

Smart Pot Pruner™ is a fabric sleeve that lines your plastic container to stop root circling, promote root pruning and to insulate.


A major step forward in container production, the Pot Pruner’s fabric sleeve is custom made to line inside standard plastic containers.

When the roots of a plant touch the fabric sleeve, they entangle and do not circle. The root tip loses its' apical dominance and the root begins to side branch. A healthy, fibrous root structure soon develops. A better root system gives you better, quicker growth!

Because roots don’t circle, you gain extra time flexibility. When a plant stays longer in a pot than anticipated, Pot Pruner™ continues to root prune, creating a healthy root ball that explodes with new growth when the plant is shifted to a larger container or field planted


Step It Up – Score Those Roots!

Pot Pruner™
is used most effectively on plants that will be stepped up to larger containers or field planted. The process of removing the fabric slightly scores the root tips, sending a chemical message for the plant to begin reproducing roots. The plant will root into the new area with amazing quickness.

“When you physically sever the tips during the removal of the Pot Pruner sleeve, it stimulates new root growth, giving our customers the quickest plant re-establishment time either in containers or in the field.”

Todd Woodfield
Horticon, Inc., Bent Oak Nursery  Ocala, Florida


Insulation – A Key Bonus

Pot Pruner™ offers another big advantage – insulation. Your plants stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. There is no summer “hot side of the pot” – roots grow evenly throughout the entire container. Insulated temperatures give better, more consistent, year round growth.


Better Than Copper

Pot Pruner™
is a better product for container root pruning than copper. It is not toxic to the plant, to the ground or to your employees. The fabric sleeve can not be “used up” like copper paint, so it continues to root prune long after copper paint has given out. Unlike copper, the fabric insulates against heat and cold. And the Pot Pruner™ can be reused. With copper, the container needs to be washed and repainted, a cumbersome, toxic process.


Custom Made To Fit Pot

Pruner is custom made to fit the plastic container you are already using. Tell us the brand and model number of the container you currently use and we will cut a Pot Pruner™ specifically for your container. We have patterns for the most common plastic pots used in the nursery industry. If we do not have the pot you use, we may need you to mail us a sample, and we will make a pattern for it.

Ideal With Pot-In-Pot

Pot Pruner™
is the ideal product to stop, or greatly slow, root traveling in a Pot-In-Pot system. Root traveling from the liner pot to the socket pot and into the ground is a major problem in every Pot-In Pot system. Pot Pruner™ can help. Pot Pruner™ is used two ways. First, the fabric is cut to line the inner pot. Second, the Pot Pruner™ can be used as the liner pot itself, fitting directly into the socket pot. Roots are greatly delayed in finding the drain holes of the socket pot. In both cases, the Pot Pruner™ is removed and reused.

Reuse the Pot Pruner™

Another big advantage to the fabric Pot Pruner™ is that it can be reused. To reuse the Pot Pruner™ we recommend letting it dry. This will assure any fungus or plant disease can not survive on the fabric. Store used Pot Pruners™ in a dry area.


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