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US Patents No. 4,574,522; 4,888,914; 5,103,588; 5,768,825; 6,202,348 B1
Other patents pending.

High Caliper Growing Systems®
(Root Control, Inc.®)
7000 N. Robinson Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73116 USA

toll free: (800) 521-8089

Telephone (405) 842-7700
Fax (405) 842-7706

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Root Control ® Inc. is a member of the following
trade organizations:

   American Nursery & Landscape Assn
   Alabama Nurserymen's Assn
   California Association of Nurserymen
   Florida Nursery Growers Assn
   Oklahoma Nursery & Landscape Assn
   Oregon Association of Nurserymen
   Southern Nursery Assn
   Texas Nursery & Landscape Assn
   Western Nursery & Landscape Assn

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